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Welcome to The Musk Newsletter – Issue 002.

Here I reflect upon the previous week and possibly share an article I read, a podcast I listened to, a video I watched, a photo I shot along with my thoughts and commentaries.

Let's rock and roll!

Week 46 (15/11/2021 – 21/11/2021)

I started this newsletter after mulling over the idea for a couple of weeks. It felt really good to start something that I look forward to.

I'm still unclear how I want to take this “newsletter” thing in terms of format and structure. But, I had an innate feeling of just doing it without any expectations. This strategy has always worked out for me.

When I graduated from University just before the 2008 recession, I struggled really hard to find a job in the Engineering sector. I might have applied for more than 300 jobs! Rejections took a toll on my mental health. But, I always knew that there will be something out there for me. I was headhunted for a job that I loved to bits. I guess this newsletter will lead to something better in the future. As of now, I know that it nourishes my soul.

Favourites of the Week

To Listen: If you are looking to binge on a truly brilliant True Crime podcast, give Swindled podcast a go and thank me later.

To Read: I'm a big fan of Matthew Dicks's blog. In his blog post on Burger Stupidity, he explains how ¼ is not greater than 1/3. And, let's be honest here! Fractions are hit or miss with most people. Me included.

To Watch: I really enjoyed watching Noah Kagan explaining the Law of 100. The gist is to stick with whatever you want to do for 100 attempts. Inspired by this approach, I want to try out publishing this newsletter for 100 issues which equate to 100 weeks or close to two years. I guess anything could happen for a target of 100 issues. Hope you will follow the journey.

Photo of the Week

I had pancakes for breakfast. It was delicious!

Quote of the Week

When you consciously track all your commitments, that same integrity will force you to discriminate and say no, because you’ll be more aware of your capabilities.

From Ready For Anything: 52 productivity principles for work and life by David Allen.

One More Thing

I got mentioned on a podcast!

Fellow microbloggers, Jean & James were kind enough to read my blog post and talk about in theirWeekly Review Podcast. The duo starts to discuss my blog post from 10:33 onward. Hope you like it.

Thanks very much for reading The Musk Newsletter – Issue 002.


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Welcome to The Musk Newsletter – Issue 001.

Every Monday, I'm planning to reflect on the previous week and share my thoughts, commentary and learning from my daily life. I'm calling my newsletter, The Musk.

Ever since I started using Obsidian, I have kept a daily note of my thoughts, reflections and things as it happens. This is similar to Ryder Carroll's Daily Pages. This single habit has helped me to quickly review my days without much effort and helps me to capture anything that is potentially meaningful for me.

Some of the things that I'm planning to include are an article I read, a podcast I listened to, a video I watched, a photo I shot along with my thoughts and commentaries.

Let us start with the first issue.

Week 45 (08/11/2021 – 14/11/2021)

This week was a roller coaster ride. Relationships are something I struggle with and need a lot of helping hand. It has taken me a while to accept this sticking point in me. I have lived most of my adult independently. I grew up with a stammer and always felt like an outsider in any situation. Reviewing my weekly entries has shown me that the one thing I need to implement is to approach my key relationships with love and patience.

Speaking of love and patience, I spent my Father’s birthday on 10th November without him for the first time. Just when I was sort of getting out of this emotional struggle, on 14th November, I got the news that my maternal grandfather passed away. After trying to console my mother who has lost her husband not too long ago. I reflected on the life's brevity in my Obsidian journal and pondered on this verse of the Holy Quran:

God does not burden any soul with more than it can bear: each gains whatever good it has done, and suffers its bad- 'Lord, do not take us to task if we forget or make mistakes. Lord, do not burden us as You burdened those before us. Lord, do not burden us with more than we have the strength to bear. Pardon us, forgive us, and have mercy on us. You are our Protector, so help us against the disbelievers.’ – Chapter 2, Verse 286

May God Almighty accept my grandfather's good deads and forgive his known, unknown and secretive sins. Ameen!

One thing that really inspired me in the past week is a Tamil film, Jai Bhim. We watched it on Amazon Prime on 12th November It's an excellent film on how power, money and most importantly casteism conspire together against Tribal people. This film helps in identifying who is a caste supremacist and who stands for social justice. If you are interested, watch the trailer here.

Finally, a photo of Lamb Briyani cooked by the wife on 12th November:

Quote of the Week

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. – Unknown

Thanks very much for reading The Musk Newsletter – Issue 001.


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