The Musk 004 – Health is Wealth

Welcome to The Musk Newsletter – Issue 004.

Here I reflect upon the previous week and possibly share an article I read, a podcast I listened to, a video I watched, a photo I shot along with my thoughts and commentaries.

Let us start with the fourth issue.

Week 48 (29/11/2021 – 05/12/2021)

This week was one of the craziest weeks. It was a roller coaster ride. There were few health concerns in the family. I’m so pleased and grateful that the recovery is coming along pretty well. I’m thankful to the people who have helped our family.

Personally, my focus was not at its point this week. Too many things were occupying my mind. I feel that it is causing a lot of stress in me. However, the only way I know to manage is to turn to the Creator and reflect.

I am still thinking of how to move this newsletter forward in terms of content and format? Maybe I will stick with this format for 6 more weeks and tweak it from Issue 011.

This Week I Learned

I learned that finishing your thinking when stuff shows up in terms of determining the outcomes and next-actions is an essential part of stress-free productivity.

Favourites of the Week

To Listen: I really enjoyed this conversation with BJ Fogg on how to build tiny habits, improve our digital life and deal with digital distraction.

To Read: An interesting Twitter thread on how noise affects productivity. I prefer to have a bit of an ambient sound in the background during my focused work sessions.

To Watch: I just binged on Our Yemeni Kitchen YouTube channel. Very simple recipes. More importantly, it is so calming to watch.

Photo of the Week

I got this laptop stand for £7 and this got to be the best purchase of the month!

Quote of the Week

I often head a blank page, “What's on my plate?” and jot below all the things I currently have to get done or give attention to.

From The Pocket Notebook Book by Ray Blake.

One More Thing

I have re-subscribed to the Calm app. I really like their sleep stories. I found a lot of benefits when I learned and practised mindfulness. I want to give this another go. If you are interested, do check the app out. It’s brilliant!

Thanks very much for reading The Musk Newsletter – Issue 004.

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